Egger Optima Door and Component Builder

Monday, 06 September 2021
Egger Optima Door and Component Builder

We've recently launched an upgraded version of our door and component builder that focuses on selected range of the latest Egger décors and edging options.

It allows customers to pick their 18mm (or 19mm PerfectSense) Egger décor from the selected range, then choose either a matching ABS edging option or from a selection of contrast Accent edging.

The launch of Egger Optima sees it using our established optimisation engine which will optimise every quote in real-time during the ordering process and include graphics to show the cutting pattern for every sheet within the order.

The pricing system is based on the number of sheets and amount of edging used for each order, providing optimal results and minimum waste every time. Users will also benefit from the custom label option, where each separate component can be given its own reference, making it easier to identify each item on site. There is also the option to request offcuts identified during the optimisation process, should customers wish to use them.

Every quote will be autosaved for future use and jobs can also be combined with any other HPP product to create full baskets that can be submitted as orders or saved as quotes for later.

The select range of Egger décors are high quality materials that are durable, hygienic and a sustainable alternative to real wood or veneer. They include décors from the Feelwood, Texture Meets Colour, PerfectSense as well as solid colours and material reproductions from the overall Decorative Collection.

From door frontals and carcases to wall panelling and wardrobes, the range is suitable for both residential and commercial design.

It's available for logged in account holders here:

Key Points:

  1. Our Egger Optima Builder allows a select range of Egger décors to be available to order as edged doors & components
  2. Matching, Feature & Contrasting edging options as standard
  3. Every job will be optimised in real-time and priced based on the number of sheets and amount of edging tape being that will be used within the order
  4. Custom label option for easy component identification
  5. Jobs can be saved as quotes and easily modified at a later date if necessary before being placed as an order

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Egger Optima Door and Component Builder
Egger Optima Door and Component Builder
Egger Optima Door and Component Builder
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