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Blum Lift Systems

Lift systems in wall cabinets provide better access to cabinet interiors because fronts open upwards. Lift systems are easy to open and can be stopped in any desired position. Blumotion provides silent and effortless closing action.

Aventos lift systems at a glance:

  • AVENTOS HF top: The bi-fold front folds together in the centre when opened
  • AVENTOS HS top: The one-part front swings up and over the cabinet
  • AVENTOS HL top: The one-part front lifts up parallel to the cabinet
  • AVENTOS HK top: The discreet fitting for small and large stay lifts
  • AVENTOS HK-S: Enhanced user convenience for small and light stay lifts
  • AVENTOS HK-XS: For small stay lifts in tall and wall cabinets
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