Kronodesign Worktops

Rough Stone (RS)
  • Rough Stone (RS)
  • Slate (SL)
  • Smooth (BS)
  • Super Matt (SU)
  • Used Effect (UE)
  • Crystal (CR)
  • Fine Pore (FP)
  • Glitter Gloss (GG)
  • Gloss (SQ)
  • Patina (PA)
  • Perl (PE)

The dream kitchen needs to have the perfect ingredients. The right worktops can provide the finishing touch, or even be the focus for the overall design. Take a look at the Kronodesign range of stunning on-trend finishes, built on decades of research and market knowledge.

From the warm welcome of classic woodgrains to a cool, contemporary stone or metallic, these worktops provide an eye-catching feature to any kitchen concept. The complete Kronodesign range of designer décors includes the latest character Endgrain Oak woodgrain, beautiful marble effects and ultra chic concretes.

As is to be expected from Kronodesign, good looks are just for starters: the high-pressure laminate (HPL) worktops set the benchmark for durable, high quality construction. Made in the UK using the latest technology, they are robustly water, heat and abrasion resistant, and built to last with a sealed back edge, and either a laminate wraparound or a high-quality bonded ABS front edge. All worktops also have a sealed under edge to prevent the penetration of moisture and steam.

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Kitchen Worktops
Kronospan (208)
Anthracite Granite (4)
Beige Pietra Marble (4)
Beige Royal Marble (4)
Black Andromeda (4)
Black Concrete (4)
Black Flint (4)
Black Porphyry (4)
Brown Pietra Marble (7)
Carbon Marine Wood (8)
Classic Granite (4)
Crema Limestone (4)
Dark Atelier (4)
Dark Grey Concrete (4)
Dark Lunar Stone (5)
Dark Porterhouse Oak (4)
Dark Terrazzo Marble (3)
Dark Tivoli (4)
Elegance Endgrain Oak (5)
Formed Wood (4)
Gold Craft Oak (4)
Grey Craft Oak (4)
Grey Emperador Marble (4)
Grey Galaxy (4)
Grey mperador Marble (1)
Grey Pietra Marble (4)
Java Block Wood (4)
Light Atelier (4)
Light Grey Concrete (5)
Light Lunar Stone (5)
Light Porterhouse Oak (4)
Light Terrazzo Marble (4)
Light Tivoli (4)
Linen Block Wood (4)
Louisana Wenge (4)
Peltro (5)
Platinum (4)
Porterhouse Walnut (4)
Portland (5)
Raw Endgrain Oak (5)
Riven Slate (4)
Rusty Steel (4)
Sand Artisan Beech (4)
Satin (4)
Snow White (5)
Stone Oak (4)
Venato (9)
White Andromeda (4)
White Dunes (4)
ABS Edging Strip (7)
Double post-form (84)
Double square edged (13)
Single post-form (43)
Single square edged (7)
Upstand (50)
100mm (50)
38mm (7)
600mm (50)
650mm (52)
900mm (49)
1.3m (7)
4100mm (201)
1.5mm (7)
12mm (4)
19mm (50)
38mm (147)
3mm (170)
Slimline (4)
Square edged (27)

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