Sensio Series 1 - HPP

Sensio Series 1

Sensio Series 1

Series 1 offers a range of simple, high quality LED lights: simplicity but without any compromise. The products come in:

  • One colour temperature (Natural White for the greatest compatibility with all kitchen styles)
  • One finish

Series 1 benefits include:

  • Long Life - 50,000 hours of light output
  • Colour rendering - CRI minimum of 80%
  • Efficiency - all run on 24V and with a high lumen output
  • Ease of installation - Quick Connect fittings plus a prewired plug
  • Guarantee - 5 years as standard
  • High diode count - creating greater light diffusion
  • High colour consistency diodes used
  • Flexible strip: low wattage per metre - long runs without light fade
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