“Pre-Assembled Drawers, Made-To-Measure, Ready To Install”
Blum Made-to-Measure Drawer Builder

Pre-Assembled Made-To-Measure Drawers From HPP

Giving you peace of mind and saving time, money & space, our Pre Assembled Made-to-Measure Drawer Builder provides the opportunity to order bespoke drawers, to your specifications (in drawer widths from 250mm up to 1200mm), ready-assembled & delivered on-site.

  • Saving time: Concise and straightforward ordering interface takes the hassle out of working out part codes, compatibility and availability. Save time on site too, as the finished drawers can be delivered straight to site, allowing for a quick installation rather than having to assemble them.
  • Saving money: Order your drawers, ready to fit, as you need them, so no outlay on drawer packs for potential future projects. No worries about having to make them up or pay for the space to store them either.
  • Saving space: Allows for reduced stock holding: buy the drawers you require, when they’re needed, rather than having a selection ‘just in case’.
  • Peace of Mind: Built to last, using Blum components and assembled using Blum jigs and assembly devices.

Why Use The Online Drawer Builder?

Made-To-Measure Drawers

Our all-new drawer builder lets you quickly & easily order bespoke, pre-built drawers which can be delivered to you on-site & ready for you to install.

  • Choose Legrabox or Antaro
  • Choose Your Finish
  • Blumotion or Tip-On Technology
  • Standard or Internal Drawers
  • Choose Your Drawer Height
  • Choose Drawer Width & Depth
  • Drawers Arrive Pre-Assembled
  • Blum Lifetime Guarantee
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