Egger PerfectSense - New Colours

Egger PerfectSense - New Colours

Here at HPP we've recently added five new colours to the exceptional PerfectSense range from Egger. PerfectSense lacquered boards are melamine resin coated MDF boards with a special coating of CCI UV paint technology, producing a superior surface option with the look and feel of a high-end, quality product.

The five colours, Denim Blue, Fjord Green, Indigo Blue, Onyx Grey and Smoke Blue are available in both high gloss and matt formats. These muted, on-trend colour options offer an understated yet high value feel to any domestic or commercial application.

The PerfectSense Gloss options are impressive due to their exceptional levels of reflection and depth. Until now only very expensive materials, such as glass, have featured these properties.

The near-velvet finish of the PerfectSense Matt option invites you to touch it, so it makes sense that it features a special anti-fingerprint property, preventing unsightly smudges on surfaces - so less time spent cleaning and wiping down and more time enjoying the subdued quality finish.

PerfectSense Gloss and Matt boards present a high quality option with multiple applications:

  • Kitchen fronts
  • Bathroom furniture
  • Furniture fronts
  • Exclusive interior design
  • Living rooms and bedrooms
  • Sliding door elements

See our full range of Egger PerfectSense Gloss and Matt options here.

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Egger PerfectSense - New Colours
Egger PerfectSense - New Colours
Egger PerfectSense - New Colours
Egger PerfectSense - New Colours
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