First Aid Provision Given A Boost

First Aid Provision Given A Boost

Our staff have been learning vital first aid techniques for the workplace at training sessions recently.

HPP Health and Safety Officer Andy Brooks said: "The business has grown substantially in recent years, meaning we now have more people than ever on-site, both staff and visitors. We are also operating more shifts across nights and weekends. So, we wanted to increase the number of staff with vital first aid skills across all our shifts and departments. This also allows the business to follow the HSE's recommendations on the minimum number of first aid trained staff per overall staff numbers.

"We've recently held training sessions across two days for 10 staff, including staff from the sales office to day and night shift staff across our various production lines. They've learned how to respond to a range of accident and emergency scenarios using different first aid techniques. These included, for example, use of a defibrillator, resuscitation skills and dealing with injuries, wounds or fractures.

"Staff have been given a greater understanding of different emergencies that can arise in the workplace and key life-saving techniques. These include cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) through hand-on-chest compression and rescue breaths. Overall, these have been really useful training sessions.

"It's vitally important that all workplaces are both healthy and safe, and staff have the knowledge, skills and confidence to quickly provide first aid to colleagues and visitors.

"In addition to their knowledge and practical first aid skills, first aiders need to be aware of their duties, record-keeping and legislation."

The strengthening of our first aid capabilities follows the installation of a fully-automatic defibrillator at the beginning of the year, easily accessible and available for immediate use within minutes across our Oldham site.

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First Aid Provision Given A Boost
First Aid Provision Given A Boost
First Aid Provision Given A Boost
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