Aspects is Changing

Aspects is Changing

Due to the ever-growing demand for more variety we are excited to announce that our Aspects range of PVC doors is about to be upgraded and relaunched as Aspects Optima, which will see every single one of our range of 18mm MFC decors available as PVC edged doors for the first time.

Aspects Optima will be launching on Monday September 10th and will allow our trade customers to order PVC components from every new 18mm decor as soon as we have it in stock. The current range stands at over 300 boards, offering the ideal solution for every budget and design. We also appreciate how important details are, so we'll be offering a wide variety of edging options too, including matching, feature and contrasting edging to coordinate with our decors and textures. This will include Egger's Accent edging range which focuses on the edge as a design feature and are guaranteed to create eye-catching designs.

The launch of Aspects Optima will see a new online ordering system: designed to be faster and more streamlined the new system features a fully integrated optimisation engine which will optimise every quote in real-time during the ordering process and include graphics to show the cutting pattern for every sheet within the order. A new pricing system will also be introduced and will be based on the number of sheets and amount of edging used for each order, providing optimal results and minimum waste every time. Users will also benefit from a new custom label option, where each separate component can be given its own reference, making it easier to identify each item on site.

Every quote will be autosaved for future use and jobs can also be combined with any other HPP product to create full baskets that can be submitted as orders or saved as quotes for later.

Here is a summary of exactly what is happening:

  • Aspects is becoming Aspects Optima which means our entire range of 18mm MFC will be available to order as PVC edged doors & components.
  • Every job will be optimised in real-time and priced using a new system based on the number of sheets and amount of edging tape being that will be used within the order.
  • Aspects Shades, which includes all of our Acrylic material, will not be included in the re-launch and will continue to be available in exactly the same way as it is now.

The changes will result in a number of benefits compared to the existing Aspects range:

  • Our entire range of 18mm MFC will be available.
  • Any new 18mm MFC will be available as soon as we stock it.
  • Matching, Feature & Contrasting edging options as standard.
  • Custom label option for easy component identification.
  • Real-time optimisations.
  • Pricing based on the number of sheets & amount of edging tape used.
  • Jobs can be saved as quotes and easily modified at a later date if necessary before being placed as an order.

Watch this space for more information and look out for the new upgraded Aspects Optima ordering platform which will be launching in September.

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Aspects is Changing
Aspects is Changing
Aspects is Changing
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