Telecoms Upgrade Brings Faster Customer Service

Thursday, 21 June 2018
Telecoms Upgrade Brings Faster Customer Service

We've recently upgraded our phone systems across the business, meaning more customers can get through to us more quickly and reliably.

With an investment of £40,000, we now have a larger, more robust SIP converged telecoms solution which means our sales team can respond to more calls at really busy times.

Despite the upgrades, all our telephone numbers remain unchanged, including our main number, 0161 628 1147.

Alan Bolton, our Purchasing and IT Director, explains: "The new SIP telephone system is quicker, bigger and more reliable than our previous system. Our customers are far more likely to get through to our sales team immediately, rather than having to wait 'on hold' until one of the lines becomes clear.

"It's a great improvement on our old customer sales lines, which were restricted by older infrastructure. Our online sales service through the website performs really well - and now customer's telephone access to our sales team is of a similarly high standard.

"The new system also does away with the occasional unreliability of the old telephone system. In the past, we could be affected once or twice a year by problems at telephone exchanges or with underground or overhead lines. But the new system sits on a fibre-based telecoms service and is backed-up with an ABL connection for extra reliability."

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The upgrade has been carried out by Staveley Communications in Diggle, Saddleworth.

Across the UK, traditional copper wire telephone lines are expected to be phased out by 2025, to be replaced by SIP networks or mobile data signals, so we're future-proofing our communications for a few years yet.

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Telecoms Upgrade Brings Faster Customer Service
Telecoms Upgrade Brings Faster Customer Service
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