HPP turns pink for cancer charity day

HPP turns pink for cancer charity day

HPP turned pink recently to support the national Wear It Pink Day, which raises money for breast cancer research and treatment.

We held a non-uniform day and cake sale for the 'Wear It Pink' awareness event (20th Oct), backed by Breast Cancer Now, the UK's largest breast cancer charity.

Carole Hamnett-Sadler, our HR manager, has been the driving force behind our involvement with this very good cause, supported by managers and staff across all departments.

Carole said: "The Wear It Pink campaign is a very worthy cause. It highlights a disease that could affect any one of us or our loved ones at any time.

"While our fundraising activities were fun, there are serious reasons behind supporting Wear It Pink Day. We've had members of staff who've been directly affected and no doubt most people, unfortunately, will know a family member or close friend who's had breast cancer.

"Cancer has a very real and devastating impact on friends, family and colleagues, so raising awareness of the causes, symptoms and the research needed to help save more people, whilst having a bit of fun in the workplace, can only be a good thing. As a business, we have actively encouraged staff to support it.

"HPP is predominantly a manufacturing site, so careful consideration is given to maintaining safety and practicality. That said, the Wear It Pink campaign has a minimal impact on business activities and we have easily integrated it into our production areas and offices.

"We've now collected in all the donations from staff fundraising and contributions from our customers at our trade counters, and I'm very pleased to say we raised a grand total of £542.59, easily beating last year's total of £414."

Breast Cancer Now messaged us via our Facebook Page:

"Looks like you all had a great time - please do pass on our sincerest thanks to everyone there. We're exceptionally grateful for all the wonderful support."

Well done to all those who took part and donated to help make a difference.

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HPP turns pink for cancer charity day
HPP turns pink for cancer charity day
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