Our Packaging Just Got More Friendly

Our Packaging Just Got More Friendly

We believe in doing everything we can to stay friendly to the environment, which is why our Purchasing Department have recently changed the way we pack many of our goods.

From May this year, we've been swapping out the not-so environmentally friendly polystyrene packing corners that appear on each of our vinyl wrapped doors range, and replacing them with the much more eco-friendly, totally recycled and fully biodegradable pulped cardboard corners, which have a much lower impact on the environment.

Not only that, but the cardboard pulp corners are actually a far superior product than their polystyrene counterparts, offering excellent protection from shocks, vibrations and impacts on products whilst in transit or on-site, ensuring each door or furniture element keeps its production-condition quality right through to the second it's opened.

Whilst we appreciate that most of these new protective packaging corners won't be used again, we'd actively encourage that they are! And if they're destined for the bin, they can go into the Recycling Bin, rather than the general waste. All of which helps in the general effort of reducing, reusing and recycling the packaging waste that's produced, and goes towards fulfilling the pledges HPP has made in its Environmental Policy.

Look out for them in your next order, and remember to recycle or re-use them wherever you can!

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Our Packaging Just Got More Friendly
Our Packaging Just Got More Friendly
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