Our Transport Fleet is Growing

Friday, 19 May 2017
Our Transport Fleet is Growing

We wouldn't be the business we are today without the infrastructure and people we have in place to drive us forward.

As much as we rely on board, fixtures and fittings, it's investments like acquiring two new Scania P250 trucks that support our push for business growth at HPP and build our strong reputation for being a reliable supplier that always delivers.

You may have spotted us showing off our new trucks recently over on our Facebook Page or even out on the road, making deliveries to your door!

The two new trucks join HPP after the retirement of one of our older vehicles, and are helping to pave the way for a more environmentally friendly future. With the latest Euro 6 engine technology, the emissions produced by the new trucks are kept to an absolute minimum in line with current legislation, making us greener and leaner than ever before.

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Joining Oldham's fleet of 15, 18 tonne trucks and 3 Transits, and Sheffield's fleet of 5, 18 tonne trucks and 1 Transit, the 2 new vehicles have been assigned to individual drivers and are already out on the roads and in action. Our fleet makes an average of 800 deliveries a week, with some trucks travelling over 100,000km a year, and now we have the infrastructure to continue to build on these numbers event further!

Owned completely by us, and often driven by the same driver each day, our trucks and Transit vans are treated with care and attention, and are kept in the best possible shape to ensure every delivery lands on time, and in perfect condition! And, of course, they have to be built to withstand the tough UK weather whilst we are out delivering across the country to our growing customer base.

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As we move into the summer months, we greatly welcome these two new trucks to help strengthen our fleet and look forward to seeing them in action, delivering our HPP products to your door.

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Our Transport Fleet is Growing
Our Transport Fleet is Growing
Our Transport Fleet is Growing
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