Say hello to our new real-time delivery tracking platform. - HPP

Say hello to our new real-time delivery tracking platform.

Say hello to our new real-time delivery tracking platform.

We're in the process of launching an exciting new market-leading digital signature system at HPP, which will link to our driver's PDAs and electronically register signatures for delivery of goods, giving our customers more accurate data on where their delivery is, and when an order is likely to arrive, or has arrived, at their desired location.

Due to launch in a pilot area initially before a full roll-out, the new system will help to move our HPP fleet delivery services to another level, as we migrate from a paper-based operation to a fully electronic system.

This shift will help to make the whole process more efficient, environmentally friendly and much more accurate, meaning the days of lost delivery notes, wondering who signed for what, and guessing when a delivery is due to arrive will be a thing of the past!

Thanks to the new system being totally cloud-based, our customers will receive an email the morning of the delivery outlining when the goods are estimated to arrive, and a further email when the vehicle is close by, keeping them fully in the loop and allowing them to plan their own production schedules more accurately.

As well as email confirmations, our customers will also have full access to an online tracking portal, meaning they can access real-time information showing exactly where each delivery is up to, and when it's likely to be delivered.

The new system also means that documentation is provided much more quickly to our customers electronically, with delivery notes and invoices being emailed directly to any specified customer email accounts, meaning our customers' operation can run more quickly, efficiently and much more smoothly with HPP.

And because our system is fully electronic, providing copy invoices and delivery notes makes doing year-end summaries a breeze for our clients too.

Our Purchasing Director Alan Bolton talked about why the system is being introduced at HPP, commenting "Whenever we speak to customers, one of the things they repeatedly say is important to them is clear and timely paperwork. The introduction of the electronic proof-of-delivery system will help us significantly improve the service we can offer in this area, as well as increasing the efficiency of our internal processes."

We're confident our customers will see a benefit from our new system once fully operational, making their experience with HPP even better.

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Say hello to our new real-time delivery tracking platform.
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