Check out our new Energy Efficient Linde Fork Lift Trucks

Check out our new Energy Efficient Linde Fork Lift Trucks

We've been working hard over the last few years to make HPP as green as possible, minimising our environmental impact and helping to reduce CO2 emissions, which is why we've recently invested nearly half a million pounds in a new fleet of eco-friendly fork lift trucks for our warehousing facilities.

The new trucks from Linde are unique as they produce fewer emissions than competing trucks (around a third of the emissions our old trucks created), and require less maintenance and replacement parts, meaning their environmental life-cycle impact is low.

But these environmental benefits don't bring any draw backs in other areas. Instead they bring more benefits into play to help our customers receive a quicker, more reliable service when collecting and receiving goods.

The new trucks require 33% less changeovers, meaning they're operational for longer, and produce less waste components into the environment. They make for a nicer working environment too, as the trucks produce less emissions, noise, dirt and grime, and are built for comfort and safety, meaning our warehouses are cleaner, quieter and more pleasant to work in.

They also pack a punch when it comes to their ability to lift and manoeuvre - these trucks can lift up to five tons thanks to their clever hydrostatic drive pump, which uses a hydraulic system to lift pallets instead of the engine itself, reducing energy consumption even further.

And because these trucks are so versatile, they can be used across all of our sites, on and off roads, and in warehouse spaces of different shapes, sizes and heights.

With five trucks in place and more due to arrive soon, we're sure the fleet of Linde trucks will have a positive impact on HPP and the service our customers receive.

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Check out our new Energy Efficient Linde Fork Lift Trucks
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