Stamping down on carbon emissions at HPP

Stamping down on carbon emissions at HPP

Just over a year ago we installed a bank of solar panels that provided our manufacturing facility with 50kWh of power.

After seeing the outstanding performance and positive impact this had in reducing our carbon emissions, we decided to add another substantial 80kWh of panels to other buildings at our Oldham site to further enhance our green credentials, a project that has recently been completed.

The new solar panels help us to reduce our Co2 emissions significantly. Every year the they will save almost 60 tonnes of Co2 from being released into the atmosphere.

To put the savings into everyday terms, the panels when working at full capacity for just one hour could run a typical home desktop computer for 68 days! They could also boil a kettle for 2 minutes, 1,300 times.

Whilst the investment has been a significant exercise for HPP, it is one that we feel is worthwhile, helping to protect our environment and plan for a more sustainable and greener future.

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Stamping down on carbon emissions at HPP
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