HPP Staff help to break world record!

HPP Staff help to break world record!

Three members of HPP's sales team recently took part in a world record-breaking attempt that was successful. Jane Robson, Tina Crossley and Deon Phoenix from the sales office all signed up for the record-breaking attempt that was for the most people doing simultaneous sit-ups in one minute.

With 369 participants involved, and the Mayor of Oldham acting as a witness, all participants started the attempt at Madhlo Youth Zone in January 2014 with local football mascot Chaddy the Owl even getting involved.

After one grueling minute and a mass of sit-ups, the record attempt was successful with participants celebrating immediately after. The attempt, which is currently being verified should appear in the next edition of the world record book so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the entry!

As founder patrons HPP continue to be actively involved with Mahdlo which has proven to be a huge success for the Oldham area; for more information on their great work check out their website, www.mahdloyz.org.

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Jane & Tina at Madhlo Youth Zone
Jane & Tina at Madhlo Youth Zone
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