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ClicBox Causes Quite a Stir in the industry!

ClicBox Causes Quite a Stir in the industry!

Following our UK exclusive launch of the innovative Unilin ClicBox range earlier this year, we've received some fantastic feedback from customers and key figures in the industry about the product, and the general feeling is that it has real potential to help revolutionise the market and the way we look at flat pack carcasses from this point on.

For those who haven't heard of ClicBox before, it's a range of flat pack cabinets that have a unique tool-less construction method, which are quicker to erect than conventional cabinets, and much more stable when compared to traditional cam and dowel systems.

Following a recent interview with KBB Review, our Chairman Stephen Hill helped to explain the product in more detail, and counteract some of the concerns raised by other retailers and installers in the industry.

Feeling in the industry was mixed at first, with some distributors arguing that the product sat better in the bigger sheds and was a little too expensive (around 10% more) for installers to stomach, whilst others recognised the uniqueness of the product and the benefits that brought to installers, such as being able to fit more units into their vans and the overall time efficiency on site.

Speaking to KBB Review editor Tim Wallace, Director of the Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom Installers Damien Walters commented that the range "certainly looks like an innovative product."

"The You Tube video gives the traditional system a run for its money," he said. "Anything that saves time and reduces complexity of installation would get the thumbs-up from us - and our members."

To read the full article, visit the KBB Review website by clicking here

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ClicBox Causes Quite a Stir in the industry!
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