HPP receive outstanding customer reviews!

HPP receive outstanding customer reviews!

For those of you that ordered from us during September, you’ll have most likely been asked to take part in our survey, which was carried out to help us understand how well we were performing in terms of product quality and service within the industry.

Firstly, we’d like to thank all those who took part. The response has been outstanding with 220 responses in total, and we appreciate you taking the time out of your day to complete the survey.

The results have been an invaluable tool that has shown some very positive feedback for our business. The survey revealed that over 93% of our customers thought our products were either on a par with our competition or better, whilst nearly 50% stated that product quality was far better at HPP.

We also found that our customer satisfaction rate was an astonishing 94.7%, emphasising our focus and dedication to product quality and customer service. The results will now be used at HPP to further enhance what we do for you, and how we do it too.

Our Operations Director Martin Hill commented “The results have been an invaluable tool in helping us to understand our customers better and provide them with something that is of real value to their businesses. We will be using the results of the survey over the coming months to further enhance our product and service offering to our expanding customer base, ensuring all elements are strengthened to their fullest extent. So watch this space for a more detailed analysis of the results along with a list of some of the things we plan to implement in response to your answers”

As a token of our appreciation for completing the survey, we gave away a brand new Nexus 7, which was won by Paul from Perfect Homes Joinery in Elland, which we presented to him earlier this month.

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HPP receive outstanding customer reviews!
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