Our New Biomass Boilers Are Installed!

Our New Biomass Boilers Are Installed!

We’ve recently completed the installation of two brand new biomass boilers at our head office and manufacturing plant in Oldham.

The new boilers, which are highly efficient and environmentally friendly, burn around 200 tons of waste per month, which heats our entire manufacturing and warehousing facility. This helps to keep our stock at a stable and consistent temperature throughout the year, ensuring a higher quality finished product than ever before.

A complex filtration system is also in place to ensure no smoke or harmful chemicals are released into the atmosphere, making this a unique and highly beneficial system for both our company and the environment.

The system is proven to reduce emissions by up to 90% compared to heating our factory with non-renewable sources such as oil or gas, and also helps prevent waste being sent to land fill or commercial waste facilities. These factors all help to reduce our impact on the environment and our overall carbon footprint.

The installation of these new boilers is one of many schemes we are developing at HPP to reduce our environmental impact.

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Our New Biomass Boilers Are Installed!
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