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The Kronospan Trends - Origin Stories

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Introducing Trends Origin Stories, Kronospan’s latest addition to their world-leading range of wood-based decorative panels. The products in this collection have been conceived to answer the demands of upcoming trends and with Kronospan at the core, you can be sure of the quality.

Key Features

  • A collection created to inspire
  • Four stories: four outlooks to inspire and influence
    • The Nomad
    • The Adaptable
    • The Passionate
    • The Optimist
  • Bringing originality and innovation
  • Answering the demands of upcoming trends
  • 41 new décors unique to Kronodesign
  • Kronospan quality all the way through
  • Matching edging tapes available

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Kronospan Trends - Passionate Moodboard

The Nomad

Weathered timbers and natural fabric textures are the basis of the Nomad look.

Kronospan Trends - Origin Stories - The Nomad

Born travellers, the Nomad picks up on influences as they go. Their homes bear witness to this, featuring objects made from an unusual hand-woven cloth, or sculptural driftwood pieces that tell a story of their lives on the move. They favour textures and patterns drawn from nature with a minimal amount of finishing. The Nomads are attracted to the weathered oak finishes and the crossweave textile effects that remind them of authentic artisan creations.


The Adaptable

Skilful combinations are key to the Adaptable way of mixing work and play.

Kronospan Trends - Origin Stories - The Adaptable

Cheerfully taking the path of the least resistance, the Adaptable can make the very best of any opportunity. When Plan A doesn’t work, they always have a contingency plan in place, so embracing working from home by creating multi-functional spaces that seamlessly include an office space without impacting domestic comforts, is quickly adopted. Muted warm tones, natural materials like wood, textile, and stone, and a soft, hazy ambiance ensure flexible and balanced spaces where they can work, play and relax.


The Passionate

Impressively realistic décors for a space to treasure in the Passionate design book.

Kronospan Trends - Origin Stories - The Passionate

Successful, stylish, and confident enough to speak loud about their lifestyle, attitude, and tastes. The Passionate know what they want and have an abundance of energy they bring to their private and work spaces... Driven by emotions, their style might be extreme, rich, and opulent or severe minimalistic, but the focus of the mind and attention to detail will be striking. The creativity helps them kindle the energy required to stay passionate and motivated. This can be seen in the choice of impressively realistic woodgrains mixed with intense colours and powerful, statement stone and metal finishes.


The Optimist

A bright, colourful, design-forward style for daring Optimists.

Kronospan Trends - Origin Stories - The Optimist

These are the world’s early adopters, open-minded persons that want the latest version, the newest technology. They are comfortable being at the front of a trend, interested in experimenting, and always delighted to find something they haven’t seen before. Cheerful, positive, offbeat décors take pride in the places they inhabit. Our reimagining of stone surfaces with concrete-like effects interests them, as do the pure and elegant woodgrains, gleaming metallics, and coral-inspired colours.


All Available As PVC Edged Doors & Cut-To-Spec

Kronospan Trends - Origin Stories - Optima & Cut To Spec

Every décor in the Kronodesign Origin Stories range is available as PVC edged door components through HPP's Aspects Optima service as well as Cut-To-Specification strip work using the online Cut-To-Spec optimisation service

Kronospan Trends - Origin StoriesKronospan Trends - Origin Stories

Carbon Negative, Climate Positive

Driven by their determination for ongoing sustainability and its effect on what they make, Kronospan take pride in delivering products with a negative carbon footprint, generating their own green power and minimizing waste.

Kronodesign App

Support through visualisation

Kronospan offer a handy mobile tool to mix and match different décors, colours and textures that helps you to choose the best combination of Kronospan’s materials any time, anywhere.

Kronospan Trends - Origin Stories - Kronodesign App

It is the perfect guide to visualize your ideas, apply your favourite designs into different living areas in the moodboard section and recreate the interior style you like. With the Kronodesign app you can bring panels to life, and life to panels.

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