HPP - Distibutors of the Egger Decorative 2017-2019 Range

The Egger Decorative Collection 2017-2019

Egger Zoom has now been replaced with the Decorative Collection 2017-2019, bringing together Egger's complete offering into one range;

Egger Decorative Collection
    From the cool silkiness of matt to the extreme opposite, yet equally luxurious, gloss.
    ST38 is a brand new texture that creates the high value look of a painted, or lacquered, piece of solid timber.
    A lacquered MDF board with an anti-fingerprint finish, the epitome of calmness.
    A lacquered MDF with an exceptionally high level of reflection, can help make spaces feel bigger and brighter.
    Rustic or heavily brushed appearance or something more elegant? Feelwood offers natural looking finishes.
    These deep and strikingly brushed woodgrains represent the pure naturalness of a softwood.
    Creating a more up-market look can be achieved through a textured linen effect.
    Metallic colours have been popular for doors, drawer fronts and insides for some time.
    The rough feel of Boston Concrete combined with wooden texture can create that urban look.
    Decors, textures and gloss levels that match across various materials all help create furniture you can be proud of.

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Available Structures:

PG PerfectSense Gloss

Egger Decorative Collection

PerfectSense Gloss is characterised by its exceptionally smooth and deep reflective finish.

PM PerfectSense Matt

Egger Decorative Collection

The warm and silky feel is combined with high resistance and anti-fingerprint properties to provide a high quality, matt finish.

SM Semi Matt

Egger Decorative Collection

Surfaces don't come any smoother. Used with white to create a paint-like, un-textured finish.

ST2 Smoothtouch Pearl

Egger Decorative Collection

A mini-pearl texture, with a medium gloss level. This surface is robust, very durable and is best used with uni and pearlescent colours.

ST9 Smoothtouch Matt

Egger Decorative Collection

Used with uni colours and woodgrains offering a very soft and natural feel. This texture supports the trend for matt surfaces.

ST10 Authentic

Egger Decorative Collection

A highly authentic and realistic surface for solid wood / material reproductions.

ST12 Omnipore Matt

Egger Decorative Collection

Using a depth of texture instead of varying gloss levels, the surface achieves a natural look.

ST15 Smoothtouch Velvet

Egger Decorative Collection

A smooth, flat surface finish with low gloss levels and low maintenance. Works well with a wide variety of woodgrains.

ST22 Deepskin Linear

Egger Decorative Collection

A deep brushed finish with a matt/gloss linear grain. This offers a realistic surface for linear woodgrain decors, giving them more naturalness and depth.

ST27 Feelwood Elegance

Egger Decorative Collection

The fine and linear, yet natural, texture is synchronised with the grain of the Tortona decor to create an incredibly realistic finish.

ST28 Feelwood Nature

Egger Decorative Collection

This texture is characterised by its authentic feel. Knots and planking create a natural feel reminiscent of solid wood.

ST29 Feelwood Ambiance

Egger Decorative Collection

The texture has a striking, yet elegant appearance. It is ideal for large applications to create a tasteful, sophisticated feel. It traces the grain with soft recesses, creating a tactile effect.

ST30 Gloss

Egger Decorative Collection

A smooth gloss finish, suited to uni colours and premium woodgrains. For laminate, we offer a similar texture - HG - that has a slightly different gloss level.

ST36 Feelwood Brushed

Egger Decorative Collection

This surface exhibits a deeply brushed but very natural, matt character that gives many different types of wood an extremely authentic feel.

ST37 Feelwood Rift

Egger Decorative Collection

This texture has an authentic solid wood finish, which is emphasised with its synchronised surface on the decor series Halifax Oak, giving the cracks and knots a tactile feel.

ST38 Feelwood Pinegrain

Egger Decorative Collection

The texture displays a deeply brushed softwood appearance with a high value pearl effect thanks to the matt and gloss elements. The surface creates the look of painted or lacquered solid wood when applied to uni colours.

ST87 Matex Ceramic

Egger Decorative Collection

This texture features matt-gloss effects, simulating the surface and feel of a ceramic sheet.

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