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A Unique Choice is the consumer facing brand for all HPP products. As we are a Trade-only company, using A Unique Choice allows us to separate what we do from what our customers do.

  • 6 Year Guarantee on all A Unique Choice products
  • Comprehensive Kitchen & Bedroom brochures
  • A brand you can use as your own
  • Desktop, tablet & mobile friendly website
  • Sales cases & marketing material available
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A Unique Choice Sales Cases

Kitchen case available to order soon!

The A Unique Choice sales cases include all the essential items you need when making sales visits. There are two cases; one for Kitchens and one for Bedrooms. Each case includes:

  • Samples of key relevant products to help emphasise quality
  • Décor / Glass swatches
  • Useful tools such as a torch, tape measure & calculator
  • One copy of each brochure and a planner pad
Special Net Price
A Unique Choice Bedroom Door Sales Case
Bedroom£75.00  ex vat

A Unique Choice Brochures

The cornerstone of the A Unique Choice brand is the Kitchen & Bedroom brochures. They feature a large amount of high quality room set images and all the latest information for all of our door ranges as well as details of a select range of other products that we feel your customers would like to see and make choices about.

HPP account holders with an online account can request copies by visiting www.hpponline.co.uk/a-unique-choice; personalised labels to stick on the back of your copies can also be ordered from here.

  • Separate dedicated 200 page Kitchen & Bedroom brochures
  • Custom label services
  • Unique and exclusive room set images
  • Covers further product ranges such as handles & lighting options

A Unique Choice Planner Pad

  • Features 50 x A3 sheets
  • Each sheet includes a large planner area
  • Area for client details
  • Handy checklists so you don't forget any crucial details
Special Net Price
A Unique Choice Planner Pad
A Unique Choice Planner Pad£2.90  ex vat

A Unique Choice Sample Bags

  • The Small bag can accommodate up to 10 door samples of size up to 350 x 280mm
  • The Large bag can accommodate up to 5 door samples of size up to 570 x 396mm
Special Net Price
A Unique Choice Bag for Door Samples up to 350 x 280mm
Small£20.95  ex vat
Special Net Price
A Unique Choice Bag for Door Samples up to 570 x 396mm
Large£20.95  ex vat

A Unique Choice Website

The A Unique Choice website can be found at www.auniquechoice.co.uk. It is easy to use, mobile friendly and is unbranded as HPP. This allows you to use it as your own to demonstrate different products and options available from the HPP range.

  • Interactive features
  • High resolution images
  • Features all of our doors and many other products
  • Constantly updated with new additions to the range

A Unique Choice Images

HPP account holders can download most of the images used in the A Unique Choice brochure by visiting our dedicated image download centre.

  • Unique and exclusive images available only to HPP trade account holders
  • Ideal for use on your own website or other marketing activities
  • Updated with all the latest additions to our ranges
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