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Lift systems in wall cabinets provide better access to cabinet interiors because fronts open upwards. The Aventos lift system will win you over with its extreme ease-of-use: Lift systems are easy to open and can be stopped in any desired position. Blumotion provides silent and effortless closing action. Other advantages of Aventos lift system fittings include: high stability, an elegant design and high durability.

Blum Aventos HF for bi-fold lift systems

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  • Aventos HF is ideal for higher wall cabinets because the handle remains easy to reach in any position.
  • The space requirement above is minimal thanks to the two-part front.
  • Can also be used with fronts of different heights.
  • View the Aventos HF System here

Blum Aventos HK for stay lifts

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  • Aventos HK is an ideal solution for any height of wall cabinet and at the top of appliance housings.
  • The pivoting motion means that only minimal space is required above the cabinet.
  • No hinges are required.
  • View the Aventos HK System here

Blum Aventos HL for lift ups

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  • Aventos HL lift systems are ideal for tall and wall cabinets.
  • Are well-suited for small-area, single fronts.
  • Can also be used with low wall cabinets.
  • View the Aventos HL System here

Blum Aventos HS for large fronts

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  • Aventos HS is ideal for cabinet heights from 350 to 800mm and widths up to 1800mm.
  • Can be used with cornice and crown mouldings.
  • Lift mechanisms and front fixing brackets can be used symmetrically.
  • View the Aventos HS System here

Blum Aventos HK-S for smaller stay lifts

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  • Aventos HK-S is a scaled down version of the Aventos-HK.
  • Perfectly suited to cabinets positioned at the top of larder units and over appliances.
  • For cabinet heights up to 400 mm.
  • View the Aventos HK-S System here

Blum Aventos HK-XS for lift ups

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  • Aventos HK-XS is Blum's smallest and most affordable lift system.
  • Variable stop allows the lift system to remain in any desired position.
  • Small installation depth allows fitting in the smallest places, even above an extractor.
  • View the Aventos HK-XS System here
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